Paper collage collection

I like quick and easy art work to end my day being happy.

every time mom in low visit our boys, she buys lots of Dunkin’ Donuts.

everyday I got 2-4 donuts paper bags.

so, I cut the clean parts of the paler bags and paste it as I like.

unlimited donuts bags in my hand.

even I have the timhortin donut shop bags too after the traveling Quebec.

this donuts bags collage work become my one of collage series collection now.

this “fresh” paper was the apple picking bag.

DIY card making at Paper source store.

in March, the paper source had a desk of scrap papers, stamps glues. It was for making card by your self desk.

I enjoyed to make the card using beautiful paper pieces in that store.

for Easter, I cut just egg like shapes ( or stone like shape) and glued on the card.

mosaic style collage

I keep the card boards just in case kids want to make something suddenly.

but after kids messed the cardboard, I chopped the large cardboard box in to small square.

then collage for the month of July.

of course still using the used wrapping papers too.

"love and peace "?

made miss spelling? Yes and no. I love the small last pieces of the work.🤣

Fi na lly!!!

finally I completed the large house quilting piece.

this quilting painting took me 20min

but actual pieces took me almost 10years 😂

when I had long driving travel . I took this quilt with me and keep sewing in the car.

these houses are pocket . So I can use as a wall pocket organizer.

yes , each has a tenant now.

now I want to make more patchworks❣️

I made my books!

Hi! I am a paper book lover. Always want to read and see the actual paper book , not e-book.

Also I wanted to make book by my self.

last week I finally learned simple book binding technique.

This is the first book I made.

We used large sketchbook paper. It is not best paper to use water color. But the sketch paper is easy to fold and bind.

The art teacher said I can make any shape.

So I challenged to make interesting pages. Book cover page can be fish shape, Why not?

Each page has different type of papers.

watercolor envelope gives me the space to the secret landscape inside .

I like this envelope page ideas.

now open !

I made one more book .


I cut out the “book” then used in the another book.

and thinking what’s next.

First book of the main book, I used the bird origami illustration I found in the newspaper advertisement.

after I paste it, I realized this ads is for the funerals. Oh!

next page, paste the leftover of friends cut. looks like the soul travel away to the ocean.

book making journey will continue.

want to feel spring!

I see some flowers started blooming and sun light!

this place is like spread a big blue star ocean carpet.

but still chilly and breezy here.

so my first spring image painting is this. Flower petals dancing with the spring wind.

and I saw the multicolor crocus .

so I wanted the flower in my room too.

paint the circle,and more circles

simple continuous work has a meditative effect for me.

after enjoying the grocery round at the Trader Joe’s, I can’t wait to paint the colorful flower .

I am not good taking care of flower, so paint amd decorate the wall instead buying flowers.

but! I got the eucalyptus because I like the smell of the eucalyptus❣️

Of course when I have the real plants in my hand, I will draw it.

with…. Midnight guilty wine.

good night!

Everyday experience into my art.


Finally little bit nice weather to walk. We have pond and lakes near us. And this season I can meet the swans.

Ducks, geese, swans stay in couple. Looking them in the chilly pond is so calm.

I got the Christmas ornaments at Michelle’s .

It is hard to paint on the surface of a clear plastic ornament.

first, apply gesso on the ornament, then paint with acrylics.

ends up this.

Flower is my imagination. we don’t have flowers yet.

and I love birds!

When I made art that I don’t like…

I like painting crafting. Always making something like a breathing everyday.(happy!)

but it is not always to have satisfied results. Sometimes, I enjoyed making art but not liking the art I made.

then what? Throwing away is probably most of people do.

but I want to use it!

Fold the paintings like origami

Wanted to try modern art , abstract painting.

Yeah, it was fun, but I don’t have senses of unintended painting.

what do I do with this painting?

this was canvas tempera paint.

so I can easily fold and keep shape .

this time I made a boat


then added the person ( another cut paper work)

accordion fold

I painted sunset color on huge paper.

I liked this painting as flat condition too. But wanted to try different view of this .

fold like pleated. Or pinch center to make ribbon shape?

add LER light from back of the art?

still ongoing project for this.

cut out the art

I made this gel print at MFA craft workshop. It was fun activity with kids.

For a while we hang on the wall.
Now I want to change the style. The wall and flame are limited. Next art is waiting the spot light.

so old art piece were cut out and fold to make a paper sculpture.

then this art becomes brand new art.

DIY tiny traveler notebook

Hi! I am a holder.
I kept MBTA receipts to keep records of my traveling Boston.

That receipt papers are bit nicer paper than supermarket paper receipts.

So fold 1/4 and stapled in half. Made leather cover like travelers notebook.

This notebook is for sketch journaling during train ride to Boston.
(The train is slow and less frequent now. I need to entertain myself during the train ride…)

what do I sketching? Just random ideas, stI bought .. something like that.

even I mistake something like sparring wrong,, That is not a big deal, since this is just a receipt paper. Not fancy watercolor papers or anything.

Happy journaling!

DIY Valentine card

Snail mails in February 

This is the season to send letters with lots of hearts.

One of my art friend in Japan said she will send Valentine’s Day card to USA.

I was so happy to hear that! 

Because nowadays, I feel like less people appreciate the letters. 

Just send the cards with love or xoxo signs and name.  

And confirmation message will ring my phone. “Did you get my letter?” 😣

Most of communications are done by phones , messages ..or you can know the friends status though SNS.

The seasonal greeting cards still give me happiness. 

I want my friends have small joy when they open my letter.

This time I add the embroidered book mark, mini water color art card.
Yes, the watercolor paint is one of the flower paint from previous page.

My friend is an artist, so she might do something with it.

I want to give small “wow” to my friends.

Hopefully this letter is worth to keep for a while. Not throwing away.

happy Valentine’s month!

Backyard flowers

watercolor on the one side laminated Washi paper

I like buying mysterious paper in Japan.

around the Kyoto Sanjo area, there are some interesting paper makers. They sell the left over papers for cheap price after they cut off the main part.

this is a Washi paper called “ LAMIESU”.

translucent like the transparent paper but not shiny like that.

This paper is laminated one side to keep moisture or oil leaks from the food.

I watercolor painted Washi side( not laminated side) .

Paint color are translate and watercolor did not bleed through the back side.

keep painting the back yard’s flowers

Outdoor art installation in Boston

Oh I saw more arts in Boston nowadays.

last year, I found bunch of colorful cow in all over the Boston from south station to east Boston harbor.
These Arts figures are temporary or not,
I like the impact of the installation outside. since all arts get out of the limitations of museum sizes, rules, etc

I am a big fun of Setouchi international Art Triennale.
It is an art festival held in every 3 years on the islands and coastal cities in Seto Sea of Japan .
That is huge project to show art installations out of the museum box.
Arts were placed in some rural island old house, in the forest, some random building.

Seeing arts Outside is totally different experience from seeing the art quietly in the museum.
It might be the great background of the view, it might be the mood of the outside air.

I enjoyed Biwako biennale which held in every 2years around the Lake Biwa. I like Quebec winter arts installation too.

now in Boston!

The winter active arts started this January 15 to April 17.

Free and open to public area. the art installation location map is this.

which is great! Which might collect more variation of comments from Art fun or non Art fun. Especially in old historical city like Boston, some people afraid of jammed the iconic landscape with new stuff.

but definitely these arts gave strong impacts to people walking by Boston. The impact of Boston is alive.

Most of my friends in Japan imagine Boston is the place there are bunch of university and tech company. But Boston has lots to see, not only the university village!